How Does the Flying Phobia Master Program Work?

The Flying Phobia Master program is designed to erase the worry and anxiety you feel about flying.

We achieve this by rewiring the subconscious mind so you can associate positive feelings with the act of flying while eliminating the negative ones.

Using the program, you will follow carefully scripted instructions. You’ll visualize the day of your flight - from the moment you leave home to the moment you step off the plane, all while in an environment of ease and comfort.

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The Flying Phobia Master program has the power to rewiring your subconscious mind about flying

Since the mind can’t differentiate between imagination and reality, the mind anchors the thoughts and feelings you have during the guided imagery exercise, treating them as real.

The more you practice the guided imagery exercises, the stronger the anchor becomes until you eventually override the anxiety and fear and replace it with a sense of calmness and serenity.

The debilitating anxiety you feel when you think of flying could be reversed.

Listen to a sample from the Flying Phobia Master program:

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What Do I Need to Do?

All you need to do is set aside time to listen to the program and follow the instructions. It’s that easy.

For best results, we recommend practicing the program daily for 1-4 weeks. (To learn exactly how long should it take you to complete the program, use our self-evaluation tool.)

If you miss a session or can’t practice every day, it’s OK. It may just take a little more time before you’re ready to book your first flight.

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The program is pleasant to practice and highly relaxing

If you miss a session or can’t practice every day, it’s OK. It may just take a little more time before you’re ready to book your first flight.

After a few weeks, you should be able to avoid the terrible feelings you have about flying, regain control, and finally enjoy stress-free air travel!

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You are protected by a full 100% money-back guarantee so there is no risk whatsoever.

Our program is available for instant download and can be played on any device: computer, tablet or smartphone.

If you’re interested in learning more about the program, you’ll find more information below.

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What Does a Practice Session Look Like?

The Flying Phobia Master recording consists of two parts:

Entering a relaxed state

For changes in thinking patterns to occur, we have to achieve total relaxation. When we are in a deeply relaxed state, the mind becomes more receptive to making changes.

The first part of our program includes a deep relaxation exercise that will help to get the mind ready for the next part of the session.

Imagining the experience of flying

To get rid of the fear we are trying to overcome, we have to tackle every little thing we find stressful about it. After entering a deeply relaxed state, you will use all your senses to imagine the entire flying process as a comfortable and calm experience.

In your mind’s eye, you will go through a whole day of a scheduled flight: from the moment you leave your home to your arrival at the airport, to the flight itself where you will envision yourself flying comfortably and at ease until you safely land at your destination.

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Enter into a deeply relaxed state and tie the experience of flying to a positive feeling

Guided imagery re-programs your mind and overrides your fear

When you imagine yourself flying while feeling relaxed, the mind anchors the positive feelings of relaxation to the experience of flying.

With practice, your mind will associate flying with the new positive experience you imagined instead of stress and anxiety, and you will overcome your fear for good.

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After completing the program, you will be able to fly with ease and comfort

What Results Can I Expect?

After completing the program, you should be able to board a plane with ease and take a flight feeling calm and relaxed, finally free from the debilitating levels of fear, anxiety, and panic of the past.

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We believe in our program and the results you can achieve with it. We are confident that you will love it too, so much so that we are offering a 6-month money-back guarantee.

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100% money back guarantee

Have you heard enough? Join the many (now happy) people who have used the program and get over your fear of flying.

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