The Science Behind the Program

To better understand the science behind the Flying Phobia Master program, we first need to understand two main principles upon which guided imagery is based:

The mind-body connection

Our mind as a direct impact on the body. As such, our body experiences the images we create in our mind as if they were real experiences. You can experience the power of the mind-body connection by practicing the following short exercise:

The Lemon Excersice. Lemon.

Imagine you are in your kitchen. You are holding a lemon. You can feel its skin, see its bright yellow color and smell its citrusy scent. Now imagine picking up a knife and cutting the lemon in half. As the bright yellow flesh is exposed you see the juice run out and the lemon citrus aroma fills the room. You cut a slice of the lemon and put it in your mouth. You bite down on the lemon and your mouth fills with the taste of the lemon.

If you followed along with this exercise, you might have noticed that your mouth began to water.

This exercise demonstrates how we can provoke an unconscious response (salivation) simply by using our imagination. We have no control over our body’s salivary response, but when we imagine a scenario that will make our mouths water, our body recognizes the experience as being real.

The power of imagination over emotion

It is important to realize that we can’t simply overcome fears and phobias by using logical reasoning. Otherwise, you could have talked yourself out of your flight anxiety long ago.

Why does telling ourselves that there is nothing to be afraid of not work?

Emotions and logical reasoning come from different parts of the brain, and these areas are unable have an impact on each other.

Our logical side comes from the left hemisphere of the brain, whereas emotions come from the right hemisphere.

The two hemispheres of the brain have vastly different responsibilities:

  • The left hemisphere is anchored in logic and is our analytical side. It is responsible for handling science and math knowledge, numbers skills, analytic thought, and logical reasoning.
  • The right hemisphere is our artistic and creative side. It is within this side of the brain that imagination, creativity, intuition, and emotions reside.

Our emotions and logic thinking are due from different areas in the brain that can't affect one another

Since the two brain hemispheres don’t have the power to influence one another, simply telling ourselves that flying is safe or researching and re-reading flight safety statistics can’t affect our fear of flying, which is triggered by our emotions.

That’s where the Flying Phobia Master comes in

The Flying Phobia Master program relies on the imagination as a tool for influencing emotion and mitigating fears.

Since imagination and emotions (such as fear and anxiety) come from the same side of the brain, the imagination has the power to influence our emotions in a way that logical reasoning cannot.


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